Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weight Loss

I personally have been struggling with my weight and an overall poor self image for a while. I used to weigh about 256 lbs. (116.12 Kg) and it got to the point where I was very depressed about it. I decided to nip my problem in the bud and started researching weight loss online. Since then I have lost about 70 lbs. (31.75 Kg) thanks to different diet tips I found and online trainers. I hope that if there is anyone out there who wants to lose weight, it is possible. With hard work and the right guidance you can lose the weight.

Now this is only if you WANT to lose the extra weight. You should be happy in your skin, no matter how big or small you may be. There are people who are in great shape, but have poor self image and it makes them almost unbearable to be around. If you are happy as you are, don't be pressured into things, especially not weight loss, as it requires full commitment, often meaning you will have to change an entire aspect of your life. I myself have become about 80% vegetarian (I don't mind eating meat, but rarely do so). So if you do plan to lose some weight, check out the links at the bottom of the post. They helped me get through some of the hurdles on my journey, which I still have yet to entirely finish.

If you are curious as to specific tips that I might have, leave a comment! I promise to get back to you.

Links: - A great online trainer! Explains the workouts well and also has weekly diet challenges (and she's definitely not hard on the eyes). These workouts can get difficult if you try to completely replicate them right off the bat, so be careful and take it slow. - A list of good foods to eat (it says that they are negative calorie foods, but there really are no completely negative calorie foods). These foods are great for filling you up without killing your caloric intake.


  1. noooo way could i be a vegan.. <3 meat

  2. Glad you went down in weight! followed!

  3. very nice for you that you lost the weight. i'm following you. if you want, hit me back! :)

  4. Well tips I can give would be to add garlic to your diet whenever possible. I mean it tastes great, but it also increases metabolism. I like to cook with it, but I also will just take whole cloves and eat them. If you try to do that, I should warn you, it does burn. The same applies to hot peppers. If you can fight through the burn (and some of the more "unmentionable" after effects) it's great for your metabolism and acts as a blood purifier.

    When it comes to working out, just keep pushing. As you add muscle, your metabolism increases. This means the more you work out the more you can eat, but if you're trying to really burn fat, you should restrict your diet more. The more calories you burn per day, the more fat you will lose overall. Also, after working out you should have some kind of protein to rebuild muscle. Protein powder is good for this, as you can combine it with anything really.

    Hope this all helps!

  5. it also keeps away vampires
    that's the most important part