Sunday, September 5, 2010

Craigslist Ends Adult Services Section. Sleazy People Must Return To the Streets

There comes an end to all things. One of the most recent of these "things" being the Adult Services section of the popular site Craigslist. Craigslist, a site used to list different items, services, etc. for sale – similar to the classified section in a newspaper – pulled its Adult Services section down after coming under fire from a group of state attorneys. The attorneys were arguing that the site could be used as an, "intermediary" for prostitution.

This argument is extremely flawed for one particularly apparent reason. The internet itself is an intermediary to every crime imaginable. If Craigslist were akin to prostitution, then ebay could easily be likened to a fence (one who buys and sells stolen goods) for the tech savvy kleptomaniacs out there, but we aren't threatening ebay now are we? Similarly, Facebook, the popular social networking site, can be likened to stalking, as people can spend the day looking at pictures and videos of their "target." These stalkers could also find out what their "target" likes, where they will be, etc.

By those attorneys' opinions, the entire internet has to be shut down. Well I think that our series of tubes should remain open.

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